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Sept 20 - Sept 22, 2024: International Folk Dance Weekend
Sept 20 - Sept 22, 2024

YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly Convention Center

84 Blue Ridge Circle
Black Mountain, NC 28711-9722

Learn, dance, socialize, and relax in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.


Mountain Playshop is a regional dance weekend that attracts dancers from throughout North Carolina and nearby states to socialize, dance, relax, and - you never know - to maybe learn a dance or two.  This year we are happy to be side-by-side again! Learn new and revived dance treasures gleaned through a year of virtual immersion in the repertoire of our IFD hosts from around the nation and world. Four dance sessions will be led by regional leaders who will teach a few of their picks of ‘the best of the Pandemic year’ and lead a curated playlist and requests.  All NC safety guidelines will be followed - see our current health policies here.

For over 30 years, Mountain Playshop has provided both a forum for dancers to learn new material from regional and professional teachers while also offering a beautiful destination for dancers to simply get together with friends for the weekend - partying, dancing, sharing meals, reviewing dances, and just relaxing in the shadow of the Smoky Mountains. This year is no different.



Ira Weisburd has been dancing and choreographing for 50 years! His unique and
diverse background comes for many years of researching the dance rhythms and
styles in countries around the world. It has enabled him to create a wide variety of
folk dances (circles & couples) and line dances.
Ira has received several awards over the last 15 years. He received the 2013 and
2014 Male Instructor of the Year Award and the 2020 Crystal Boot “Love of Dance”
Award for raising and donating thousands of dollars during the height of Covid-19
from his virtual online classes and workshops to help other dancers, instructors and
choreographers impacted by the pandemic.
Ira enjoys a Youtube and Facebook following of over 60,000 subscribers! He has
been invited to give workshops all over, including the USA, Canada, Netherlands,
France, Belgium, Poland, Indonesia, Israel, Bulgaria, Mauritius and Reunion Island. He
has extensive knowledge and understanding of Balkan dances and rhythms……. He
organized multiple tours every summer during the ‘70’s & ‘80’s & more recently in
2018 & 2019 to study first hand in Israel, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria &
Yugoslavia. It was there that Ira met with and studied with the masters ie. legendary
teachers like Ted Petrides (Greece), Csaba Palfi (Hungary), Theodore Vasilescu
(Romania) and the Branko Krsmanovich Folk Dance Ensemble (Beograd, Yugoslavia).
Ira has co-choreographed dances with Dimitar Mitko Petrov (Plovdiv, Bulgaria),
Snezana Balkanska (Tanec Ensemble, N. Macedonia), Kostadin Balkanski (Tanec
Ensemble, N. Macedonia) & the famous accordionist, Goran Alachki (N. Macedonia)
Ira was the first non-Israeli to be accepted as a choreographer of Israeli dances………..
The dance BOI MALKA is considered a classic Israeli Dance and is part of the regular
repertoire in Israeli groups in Israel and around the world. He has also worked with &
co-choreographed dances with legendary Israeli choreographers: Yoav Ashriel, Gadi
Bitton & Eli Ronen.
Ira’s Great Grandparents originally came from Kiev & Odessa. When Russia invaded
Ukraine, Ira created a new Circle dance based on traditional Ukrainian steps.
Dancers from all over the world, including the UK, learned the dance and took part in
a Global Dance Rally, submitting their dance to YouTube. This event raised
thousands of pounds for Ukraine. These dances can still be watched on Youtube. Just
search for Prayer for Ukraine – Global Dance Rally.

PHOTO of IRA for Mountain Playshop.JPG
Dance Requests

Dance Requests

Playshop 2024 will feature request dancing throughout all teaching sessions and parties.  Submit your requests here!

Thanks for submitting!

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