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Sept 29 - Oct 1, 2023: International Folk Dance Weekend
Teaching an International Variety
Sept 29 - Oct 1, 2023

YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly Convention Center

84 Blue Ridge Circle
Black Mountain, NC 28711-9722

Learn, dance, socialize, and relax in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.


Mountain Playshop is a regional dance weekend that attracts dancers from throughout North Carolina and nearby states to socialize, dance, relax, and - you never know - to maybe learn a dance or two.  This year we are happy to be side-by-side again! Learn new and revived dance treasures gleaned through a year of virtual immersion in the repertoire of our IFD hosts from around the nation and world. Four dance sessions will be led by regional leaders who will teach a few of their picks of ‘the best of the Pandemic year’ and lead a curated playlist and requests.  All NC safety guidelines will be followed - see our current health policies here.

For over 30 years, Mountain Playshop has provided both a forum for dancers to learn new material from regional and professional teachers while also offering a beautiful destination for dancers to simply get together with friends for the weekend - partying, dancing, sharing meals, reviewing dances, and just relaxing in the shadow of the Smoky Mountains. This year is no different.



Roberto Bagnoli Dance Bio

Roberto Bagnoli grew up in Rome, where he was first introduced to folk music and dance, eventually
taking part in several performances and teaching dance classes. He subsequently studied various forms
of folk dance in workshops throughout Europe, Israel, and North America under the guidance of
renowned choreographers and teachers.
From 1995 to 2003, he performed as a dancer and choreographer with the Terra di Danza Dance
Company and was involved in the production of Raggi di luna Italiana and Capriccio Italiano (Italian
dances), GiroGiroMondo (dances from around the world), Keltic Emotion (Celtic dances), Mazal Tov
(Israeli dances), and Ethnos (International folk dances).
He is the founder of Folk Atelier Reggio Emilia (FARE), devoted to the development and conservation of
folk dance heritage. As director of FARE, he is in charge of organizing and conducting folk dance classes,
workshops with Italian and foreign specialists, and of the performing sector, staging various
performances, parties, and dance gatherings.
He currently organizes two dance camps in Europe: Balkanot (Balkan and Israeli dance) and Camp Yofi
(Israeli Dance).
Roberto teaches weekly classes in various cities in the north of Italy and conducts monthly sessions in
Rome and Milan besides conducting workshops and seminars throughout Europe, the United States,
Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan.

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Dance Requests

Dance Requests

Playshop 2022 will feature request dancing throughout all teaching sessions and parties.  Submit your requests here!

Thanks for submitting!

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